Fragrance injection

Fragrance dosing pump

Fragrance dosing pump with mounting material
Plastic housing, incl. dosing hose, nominal voltage 230 Volt, protection class IP65

    Steam inlet

    Fragrance dosing pump

      Steam bath nozzles

      • DDS22 Steam-bath-nozzle: Small steam bath nozzle for max. 4kg/h capacitv. For steam hose DS22 with Ø22 mm  
      • DDL30 Steam-bath-nozzle from 4-32kg/h for DS22 steam hose with Ø30 mm
      • DDL35 Steam-bath-nozzle from 4-32kg/h for DS35 steam hose with Ø35 mm

      Steam nozzle sets

      • Steam nozzle set W22 fits with steam hose DS22 Ø 22 mm
      • Steam nozzle set W30 fits with steam hose DS60 Ø30 mm
      • Steam nozzle set W35 fits with steam hose DS35 Ø35 mm
      • Steam nozzle set W45 fits with steam hose DS80 Ø45 mm

      Steam inlet

      Steam inlet for the mixing and inserting of steam and fresh air into the steam room. For a dense steam appearance and
      a lower temperature of the inserted steam:

      • Mixing tube made of stainless steel V4A with connections for fresh air and steam
      • Diameter 110 mm, Installation length 280 mm
      • Cover made of stainless steel  V4A 140 x 140 mm with fixation screws


      Ø110 mm, installation length 280 mm

      Cover 140 x 140  x 22,5 mm with fixing screws and mounting flange.  

      Fan and regulator

      Fragrance dosing pump

        Fan W2S130-AA 27-67

        Special 3-stage insertion tube fan for Ø 150 mm.

        Nominal Voltage: 24V 1~ 50Hz.

        Current draw: /A  2.25/2.20A Power consumption: 40 Watt.  Speed / min-1 2760/3200

        Type of protection: IP20

        Multivent MV 100A 220-240V 50Hz 15W

        Space saving tube fan. Suitable for supply and exhaust air.

        Connection Ø 100 mm. Nominal voltage: 230V 50/60Hz. Output in V: m³/h  150/190

        Type of protection: IP44

        Electric regulator

        Electric regulator 1A 230V 50Hz for surface mounting. Speed controller, Continuously adjustable

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