Nordmann AT4D

High performance

The NORDMANN AT4D produces sterilized, hygienic, odour-free steam. With auto-sensitive temperature control, innovative technology generating between 5 and 65 kg of steam per hour, and an extensive range of accessories, it meets all the specifications required for the safe operation of a high-quality steam bath.


Another very useful advantage the AT4/AT4D features is its ability to configure remotely. The steam generator unit can install separately from the control unit.

This unique design makes the AT4/AT4D the choice when space is at a premium or for other individual applications.

Standard cable length is 4 metres.

The water unit contains:

  • Steam cylinder
  • Replenishment system
  • Inlet valve
  • Blowdown pump
  • Self-cleaning

The control unit contains:

  • Electronics
  • Control panel
  • Circuit breaker
  • Wire terminals

Easy to install

With a separate control unit, easy accessibility and external water and steam connections, the system could not be easier to install.

Intelligent water management

The water management automatically adjusts to local water conditions, keeping water consumption to a minimum.


The steam bath generator AT4D CALDARIUM is also suitable for Caldarium applications. Therefore a humidity control is standing next to an individually adjustable temperature control.

The NORDMANN AT4D steam cylinder

The patented self-cleaning system prevents limescale produced during steam production from forming deposits on the electrodes and cylinder sides. It is simply removed using the blowdown pump. And for users that means maximum reliability and long service intervals.

Easy to use

A three-inch graphic user interface provides easy access to important operating parameters such as temperature, lighting, cabin ventilation and fragrance injection.

Remote control up to 1.2 km

In hotels, health clubs and spa complexes, you have simple control of the steam bath from reception or another remote site.

AT4D Spa Display

The NORDMANN AT4D Spa Display is extremely user-friendly enabling you to control and program all the features and options.
Lights, fragrance, temperature, timing of sessions is now at the end of a finger touch.
Two versions are available, surface- or flush-mounted, with only
19 mm total thickness and only 3mm over-surfacing when built-in.
The frame circling comes in three different versions to match the end-users taste: steel-brushed, black or white glass. The unique magnetic circling frame enables a fast changing of color and style making it interchangeable at all time.
Two choices of screen background color layout (Black or white) enable to match the finishing of your choice.

Building technology

The AT4D can be integrated in existing building technology using the Modbus standard. If preferred, the steam generator may be networked via @Link to BACnet/IP and LonWorks.

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