Condair Sigma

Steam baths with hygienic steam

The Sigma generates sterilized, hygienic, odour-free steam. Available with seven practical power levels and in twodifferent sizes, the Condair Sigma produces between 4 and 65 kg of steam per hour.

Condair Sigma 4kg/h:

Though compact, the Condair Sigma delivers all the advantages of the larger models with 4-kg steam output per hour, a mere width of 28.5 cm and total housing volume of 25 l.

Durable and rugged

The high-quality finish guarantees a long service life. A robust, hot-dip galvanized housing contains Condair’s time-tested steam cylinder. All in all, an affordable and highly reliable means of generating the steam needed for all types of steam baths.

Easy to install

The front flap of the housing is removable, providing convenient access to all components. Installation and servicing work is quick and simple.

The Condair Sigma steam cylinder

The exchange cylinders are designed for use with ordinary tap water.
The extra-large, galvanized electrodes have proved their reliability over many years of practical use.

Intelligent water management

In tandem with the electronically controlled water management system, the steam cylinder adapts perfectly to local water quality.
This guarantees safe, reliable operation while reducing water consumption to a minimum. The cylinder can be changed in seconds and
downtimes are minimal.

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